CSTAR丨青春少年意气风发 交警护航激扬梦想




Youth is young, why fear the distant mountains and rivers;

High spirited and brave, the road ahead is boundless and broad.


Reading ten thousand books is better than traveling ten thousand miles. In this spring filled April, the high school department of Cstar City Forest School launched a rich and meaningful hiking activity. On April 10th, with the warm spring sun and the revival of all things, a group of young people with dreams embarked on a hiking journey, longing for spring and challenging themselves. They measured their youth with their footsteps and wrote passion with sweat.

不负春光 徒步远征


At exactly 7 o’clock in the morning, the sun was shining brightly, and teachers and students from the seventh and eighth grades of the middle school, as well as the first and second grades of high school, gathered on the playground with high spirits, like a ready army.


Li Hongxun, the vice principal of the high school department, gave a passionate speech, and he said with a resounding and powerful voice, “This hiking is a test of individual physique and willpower, and a tempering of discipline and collective honor for the class. May this trip help everyone exercise their body and mind, cultivate resilience and cooperation, and strengthen discipline and collective consciousness.”


Principal Li’s words were like a spring breeze brushing against his face, and like the beating of war drums, stirring the heartstrings of everyone. Applause thundered on the playground. Teachers and students are full of expectations, preparing to embark on that distant journey and measure their youth with firm steps.

不负春光 踏歌而行



Central Plains iron cavalry escorts, carrying flags and marching with songs.

Accompanied by Principal Li Hongxun, Director Xu Weixing, Director Zhang Chunping, class teachers, and teachers, the forest students were escorted by iron cavalry, and the school flag was raised, officially embarking on the journey of hiking.


During this hike, Captain Ma Dapeng and Officer Li Yue of Zhengzhou Traffic Police Second Brigade worked tirelessly and fearlessly escorted the forest students throughout the journey, using their firm figures to build a safe barrier, making them feel safe and at ease. Their hard work not only provides solid protection for their classmates, but also highlights the good image and noble qualities of the Zhengzhou traffic police team. We sincerely thank them for their efforts and extend our highest respect to them!


The vast and majestic team is like a beautiful scenic line, dotted along the roadside. The students were full of vitality and energy, with their class flags flying high in the wind. The neat team stood like a pine tree, and the loud slogans echoed through the sky. The unified school uniform made them appear youthful and full of vitality, fully showcasing the spirited and energetic demeanor of the Cstar students.




And sing and walk, fearless of hardship, only to pursue poetry and the distance.

After nearly three hours of hiking, the group finally arrived at the Zhengzhou Botanical Garden. At this moment, the students took a break, and then each class engaged in a variety of group activities, with laughter and joy echoing in this lush green world.


Classmates, in groups of three or five, stroll through the spring scenery and quickly swim among the sea of flowers; Or follow the stream, explore the traces of fish, and fish by the peaceful banks of the river; Or sit on the ground, circle around, talk freely about dreams, and let go of the wings of youth.


During free time, some students still persist in reading and learning, demonstrating admirable perseverance and thirst for knowledge. In the challenging and beautiful hiking activities, they not only chose to get close to nature, but also did not forget to pursue the depth and breadth of knowledge. This learning attitude fully demonstrates the sunny, confident, civilized, and studious school spirit of Cstar City Forest School.


On the spring outing, students release their inner passion and vitality to the fullest, enjoying this beautiful time with the most natural posture, allowing their hearts to absorb nutrients in this greenery and receive deep nourishment and relaxation.


The hiking activity was highly valued by Principal Zhang Guoxing, who personally rushed to the scene to express his deep condolences and care to the students. At the same time, he carefully prepared fresh fruits and refreshing drinks, bringing a hint of coolness and warmth to the students. The students expressed their sincere gratitude to Principal Zhang and warmly gave him fruits and snacks to express their gratitude. Principal Zhang smiled and took every heartfelt gesture, with warmth and satisfaction in his eyes. The entire scene was filled with warmth and emotion.



At 4:30 pm, the hiking team from Cstar City Forest School returned triumphantly, with no one falling behind throughout the journey. The little faces of the students were sunburned red, some school uniforms were soaked and tightly pressed against the skin, and some heels were slightly torn due to long journeys. Although everyone is exhausted to the extreme, their hearts are burning with a firm belief – to challenge themselves and surpass their limits, because they know deeply that persevering until the end is the greatest victory!



Inspired hiking, the spring breeze is warm;

Youth is just right, singing is flying.


This hike is not only an inspirational activity to hone one’s willpower and challenge oneself, but also allows forest students to deeply feel the vitality of life and the beauty of nature in the embrace of spring.


In the days to come, these sunny, confident, civilized, and eager to learn young people will embrace every challenge and opportunity with even fiercer enthusiasm, resilient qualities, and firm steps, writing their own youth legends and striving to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!





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