春暖花开 一路前行丨欧洲杯app排行榜前十名都会森林学校家长讲师团正式建立



On April 10th, taking advantage of the bright sunshine and blooming spring, dozens of parents from the primary school department of Cstar City Forest School, Cstar Dashu Kindergarten, and Jinzhidian Kindergarten gathered at the Forest Coffee Club to participate in the first salon of Cstar Parent Lecturer Group.


A “red ship” jointly cultivated by families and schools sets sail from here, and the Cstar Lecturer Group is officially established.


Louice, the CEO of Cstar Education Technology Group, and the principal of Cstar Urban Forest School Parent School, delivered an enthusiastic speech at this meeting. She passionately shared her original intention and vision for dedicating herself to education, expressed her love and pursuit for the cause of home school co education. Louise’s words were full of power, inspiring every parent and lecturer present to contribute wisdom and strength to the growth of children together.


Under the guidance and encouragement of Louice, the parents on site opened up their hearts and spoke freely. They actively share their little gains and confusions in the process of educating and raising children, listen to and empower each other, and look forward to working hand in hand with parents to grow together.


It is worth mentioning that the parents at the scene can be described as crouching tigers and hidden dragons, including teachers from universities, psychological counseling professionals, senior engineers, and elite personnel from law firms. The professional abilities and unique insights demonstrated by these high-energy individuals not only provide valuable insights, but also add more confidence and strength to our education journey. Their participation and contribution have made this salon event more diverse and powerful.


Finally, Louice briefly elaborated on the preliminary plan for the development of the Cstar Lecturer Group for the parents present, and shared in depth the grand blueprint of the Smart Parenting System, pointing out the direction for the lecturer group to move forward and providing spiritual guidance.


The prospective lecturers expressed their high recognition and appreciation for the school’s home school co education work, and they deeply felt that their ideas were consistent and they were determined to move forward together. They look forward to contributing their efforts together to the cause of home school co education, so that every child can grow up healthy and happy.



Spring is warm and flowers are blooming, walking side by side.

This salon activity not only enhanced the friendship and understanding between prospective lecturers, but also laid a solid foundation for the in-depth promotion of home school co education. I believe that with the joint efforts of parents and the promotion of home school co education, education will continue to improve and children will continue to improve.





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